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History of The Maplewood Golf Course and the Inn at Maplewood

In the early 1900s, the emergence of railroads revolutionized summer tourism, prompting the construction of majestic New England Hotels. These havens provided respite from the sweltering cities, drawing crowds seeking cooler climes during the summer months.

At the turn of the 20th century, The Maplewood emerged as a beacon of rare beauty and comfort, attracting travelers who journeyed over 10 hours by rail to bask in its splendor. Renowned for its unparalleled healthfulness endorsed by the American Hay Fever Association, which designated Bethlehem as its headquarters due to its “pure pollen-free mountain air,” The Maplewood Hotel stood as a testament to luxury and relaxation.

Among the 30 hotels in Bethlehem and distinguished as one of New England’s most splendid resorts, The Maplewood boasted amenities befitting its grandeur. With a railroad depot on the Profile and Franconia Notch Railroad, a casino, a 1914 Donald Ross-designed golf course, livery stables, and post office facilities, it was a premier destination for New Englanders. It even hosted esteemed guests such as Presidents Grant and Roosevelt.


Sadly, like many of its contemporaries, The Maplewood fell victim to fire in the 1960s, leaving only the iconic Casino building standing. Erected in 1889, this architectural gem overlooks the picturesque golf course, featuring a grand music room and ballroom, social rooms, bowling alleys, card rooms, billiard, and pool facilities, and a reading room, all adorned with sweeping balconies offering panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

Despite the devastation, successive owners have diligently preserved Maplewood’s rich history. Today, amidst a revitalization effort, The Maplewood continues to thrive, beckoning visitors from across New England to revel in its legacy. Whether playing a round on the legendary Donald Ross course or celebrating life’s milestones amidst its timeless charm, The Maplewood invites you to become part of its enduring narrative.

Sources: The Grand Hotels of the White Mountains by Bryant Tolles, Jr. and The Bethlehem Historical Society website